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What is VIP Concierge Coaching?

As someone who’s reached the top of my field, I understand the unique challenges and aspirations of high achievers like you. That's why I offer VIP Concierge Coaching – it’s not your standard coaching program. This is a completely personalized, high-touch coaching service tailored exactly to what you need, when you need it.

Imagine having a coach who’s there for you on your schedule, focusing solely on your personal and professional goals. Whether it’s one time a week or more, we work on your time to tackle the challenges that matter most to you. There’s no set curriculum because your life isn’t a template. Instead, we customize every session to drive transformative growth in areas you want to excel in.

Through a holistic approach that integrates high-success with high-level well-being, Jen will take you on a journey to that shows you how to follow those big dreams you thought were impossible.

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Integrative Trauma Specialist. MBTI Certified.

Transformative Growth and Achievement

Jen Guidry's VIP Concierge Coaching transcends traditional coaching models by offering:

Customized Coaching

Tailored strategies that directly address your specific goals and challenges, ensuring that every session is maximally beneficial.

Intensive Support

A commitment of three or more sessions per week guarantees consistent progress and keeps you firmly on the path to achieving "The High-Level Life."

Holistic Development

A focus not just on professional success, but on cultivating personal fulfillment, happiness, and a well-rounded life.

Who is VIP Concierge Coaching For?

This service is exclusively for high earners, who are ready to elevate their lives even further. It's for VIPs who not only want to achieve greatness in their careers but also seek a balanced, fulfilling life outside of work.

Here's Another Way We Can Work Together - 

Fix the Person, Fix the Company

Have you ever heard that before? The truth is, we bring ourselves with us wherever we go. How are your employees showing up to work?

Sure, traditional coaching just touches on the surface by just asking things like, "How many sales calls did you make today?" or "What have you done to hit your goals?" While that might be great for accountability, if the person is having issues at home or if the rest of their life is in shambles, their work will suffer.

That is why I have put together bulk pricing for coaching for companies and organizations.

We can work together to positively impact your employee's life while simultaneously helping make an impact on productivity and company culture.


High Earners

Individuals who have surpassed the conventional measures of success and are now seeking to leverage their earnings into a more fulfilling, balanced lifestyle.

Busy Professionals

Leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who value their time and seek efficient, impactful development tailored to their hectic schedules.

Life Transformers

Those who are on a quest for personal transformation, aiming to enhance their life's quality and meaning, beyond the confines of professional achievements.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level with a coaching service that’s as ambitious as you are, VIP Concierge Coaching is for you. Let's work together to achieve your version of "The High-Level Life."


The Promise

You're not just making an investment in your career, but in your overall well-being and life's legacy. This service promises not just growth, but transformation; not just achievement, but the realization of a life lived at the highest level.

If you're ready to redefine success on your terms and embrace a life of extraordinary achievement and fulfillment, VIP Concierge Coaching is the key to unlocking your fullest potential. Join me and step into the realm of "The High-Level Life."