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Jen Guidry

When You Live the High Level Life, You Don't Have to Choose Between Happiness or Success. You Can Have Both.

Through a holistic approach that integrates high-success with high-level well-being, Jen will take you on a journey to that shows you how to follow those big dreams you thought were impossible.

Jen combines advanced training in neuroplasticity, integrative trauma and somatic experiencing together to create a NEW type of coaching for the whole person, not just a small part.

This is different.

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Does this sound familiar?


You can't seem to find work-life balance and know that there is so much more out there than what you are experiencing now. I understand that feeling of being lost, unfulfilled, burned out and not present with your family.

You also have wounds of your past that keep showing up in your present. You are grateful to have survived, yet they still stop you from moving forward. Deep inside, you understand you're greater than your suffering and you want to be whole.

You buy new things, put filters on, and do things that numb you because your life revolves around what other people think of you. Validation from others is important and your identify is based on what you do versus who you actually are as a woman. I can show you how to love yourself first. 

Living life on autopilot has gotten old. You want to change, and realize that all of the self-help books, podcasts and social media videos you watch just aren't cutting it. It is time for more.

Let's work together to change that narrative.


Ways to Work With Jen

The High-Level Life

Transformational Coaching by Jen Guidry

I will show you how to operate at a high level at home and at the workplace. Yes, it is possible to have incredible success and life balance at the same time.



Jen Guidry 

Jen Guidry, known for her profound impact in the mortgage industry, has cultivated an impressive career spanning over 28 years. As one of the Top 10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage globally, Jen's dedication to excellence and leadership is undeniable. Throughout her distinguished career, she has not only been a top producer but has also mentored and coached thousands of sales professionals across the United States. Her expertise has helped shape the futures of many, managing teams and guiding professionals in achieving billions of dollars in sales. 

Jen's role as a coach, national speaker and keynote speaker has allowed her to share her wealth of knowledge and inspire audiences on larger platforms, further establishing her as a thought leader in the industry. She has appeared on major media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox 29, and WOAI, bringing her insights to a broader audience. 

Transformational Coach Jen Guidry

"Jen has really helped me apply small steps to my day to day that have made the biggest difference. It was not easy but through time and her encouragement, my family, friends and husband have all recognized these changes in me, which has been the biggest compliment."

- Victoria V.

"I had it all wrong. I was working 24/7 and thought that was the key. Jen showed me otherwise."

- Mika L.

"Before working with Jen I felt like my life was great but I knew I struggled with putting to many things on my plate and doing many things well but nothing excellent.  And, struggling to balance struggles with successes."

- Heather M.

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Are you a driven, successful woman who feels overwhelmed, undervalued, and constantly pulled in too many directions? Do you find yourself struggling with unresolved trauma, anxiety, or low self-esteem, despite your professional achievements? You're not alone, and there's a better way forward.

Jen specializes in helping women just like you—high-achieving professionals transform their lives. Whether you're a worker-bee, executive, or business owner, Jen's holistic coaching approach is designed to help you find peace, balance, and fulfillment.

From 7-figure earner in the mortgage industry and best-selling Christian author to becoming the founder of a global mission called, The High Level Life, Jen’s unique brain-based approach translates into real results when coaching clients.

Why Choose Jen?

With advanced training in neuroplasticity, integrative trauma, and somatic experiencing, I bring a unique blend of expertise to help you heal, grow, and succeed. My own journey from overcoming personal trauma to becoming a nationally recognized speaker and coach equips me with the tools to guide you through your transformation.

SUCCESS ISN'T about making a whole lot of money.

It is about succeeding at home and at work. You don't have to give up one for the other. Both are possible.

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