High Level Success and High Level Balance.

Yes, it is possible. Let Jen show you how.


Jen Guidry's career is a testament to her expertise, influence, and commitment to empowering others in the mortgage industry and beyond. As she continues to speak, write, and coach, she remains a pivotal figure in fostering growth and leadership among professionals nationwide. 

Her Story

From 7-figure earner in the mortgage industry and best-selling Christian author to becoming the founder of a global mission called, The High Level Life, Jen’s unique brain-based approach translates into real results when coaching clients or training teams.

Now, the softer side of Jen...

She is a wife. She is a mom. She is a woman who has survived a very traumatic past with profound resilience. Cancer survivor. A two-time near death, totally should not be here kind of girl. She is an "incurable" disease triumphant, Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing, avid hiking, overcomer who uses her stories so that others see themselves in her. 

Her mission is to help people rewrite their script. She has advanced training in neuroplasticity, integrative trauma and somatic experiencing, and uses that knowledge to inspire and educate everyone she meets on the importance of having a regulated nervous system. She wants to do this is in a way where her audience can not only help themselves, but to be able to teach it to their kids and their friends. This is what, "Regulate to Elevate" is. It is her passion and her assignment. Jen is The Somatic Speaker.

So, Jen Quit a 7-Figure Career to Pursue Her Calling


Yep, you heard that right. She retired early from her "comfortable" career so that she can help others achieve true success, well-being and balance. So she could speak to others and share her wisdom with them.

Everyone thought that she was insane to "give up" her old career, but she just knew that this was the next step in her life...

What she was called to do. So, she listened.


Yes You Can

Lead a balanced life.

Yes You Can

Have high success.

Yes You Can

Overcome whatever happened in your past and make profound transformation.