Self-Directed Coaching - Online Only

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Loan Officer Online Only Course - With Some Advice on the Side

Welcome to the Loan Officer Accelerator Coaching Program. In this program, we will focus on helping loan officers who are currently underproducing (not just business, but in life as well) and want to double and triple their business. Let me be REAL here, this isn't some magic formula that makes you successful overnight. True success, LEGACY success, takes time. I didn't become successful took me YEARS to perfect my trade and to become efficient in it. I will show you what I did and how I did it. I am giving you my cheat code, but you will still have to work on it daily. It wasn't by calling a million real estate agents or by using cheeky sales tips that anyone can get from the internet, it was about becoming the best version of myself first. It was about working hard and drawing boundaries. There is so much more to success than just being a high producer.  When you follow my direction, your life WILL change, but it WILL take time. You actually have to practice the things that I put in here, as they are all there for a make you better. This course not only focuses on branding, marketing and sales knowledge, but it also focuses on making you a better husband, wife or partner. A better parent. The one thing that I did learn and want to pass onto you is that being successful doesn't mean that you have to work 24/7. That is NOT success.  When you are the most authentic version of yourself, have life balance, figure out your niche and become EXTREMELY competent at what you do, the numbers will come. And trust me, they will be great. You can have high success AND have high balance. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. Each lesson will include a combination of presentations, interactive discussions (in-person coaching only), and action steps to apply the concepts learned. I purposely made some of these sections less than perfect. Sure, I made some mistakes in the videos and sometimes I talk to fast, but the one thing that you get from this is the real me. By the end of this program, you will have the knowledge, strategies, and support to double and triple your loan officer business AND to become a better version of yourself as well!  Jen   

$799.00 USD

I'mĀ Jen Guidry

AfterĀ dominating in the mortgage industry for many years as the Top Loan Officer in San Antonio, one of the Top Originators in the USA and one of the Top 10 Most Empowering Women in Mortgage in the World (2023), I retired from origination so that IĀ could help others achieve what I did.

My key to true success: I led a balanced work and home life. I operated at a high level in my industry while only working 40 hours a week. I am going to show you how I did it.