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Jen Guidry’s book, Grit and Gratitude could not be titled more perfectly. The book reads as smooth as a milk chocolate and as raw as a child’s tears. It’s as if you are sharing a cup of tea with an old friend, trusting in their confidence. None of us get through life without a bump in the road and this book is an inspiration, as well as an affirmation, that God’s love always prevails. Grit and Gratitude is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Jordan N.

I got Jen's book on my Kindle and I LOVE it! She's so - human 😂 She talks about all the things that humans go thru and tells you where to go for help, always to God first. I'm just on chapter 30 😊 What an awesome lady.

C. Larson

This book was very touching and meaningful to me. I have been there and experienced the experiences of the author. The insights are spot on. Respect and gratitude to Jen for putting it in the written form. She's my mortage lender as well as my son's! GO BILLS!


A friend of mine bought the Kindle version, and after she showed it to me, I wound up buying 5 print copies to give to friends who would benefit from the wisdom and insight written into this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in seeking knowledge and gaining wisdom in the realm of God Centered Guidance. Kudos to the author of this book for the way she articulates spirituality with everyday life. Thank you Jennifer Guidry.


I laughed, cried and had some aha moments. Its like Jen was talking about my life and could not believe how much we had in common. Most especially loved how she incorporated Gods word and quoting scripture throughout her book. I could not put her book down and it was like she was in front of me sharing her story. Excellent book and recommend to anyone who feels that God is not present because He truly is when you least expect it.


Do you ever feel like you just need some sound advice and inspiration in your life? That is what this book has been for me. I love how the next day a situation will come up that has me reflecting on what I read earlier in this book. Jen Guidry has now become a voice in my head in a very positive way! This book is fantastic and she shares so much of herself in real life stories that help anyone relate to the grit and gratitude we experience in life. I love the scripture references that allow me to dig a little deeper as well to enhance my relationship with God.